August 2018

Market Watch - Softer Summer Real Estate Season Began.

The market continues to grapple with the sharp decline in affordability caused by tough new mortgage qualification rules, combined with the softening of the housing demand as a result of the summer season slow down, has created more balanced market conditions in many regions.

Buying Your First Home - The Benefits of Being Flexible

First time home buyers share a common dilemma. On one hand, most of them are on a tight budget and have limited resources. On the other hand, they have big dreams of the ideal house they would like to have.

Give Your Home an Inexpensive and Fun Makeover This Summer

Many homeowners want to change their home’s decor but think they can’t afford it. Some even feel they should use the money to pay off their mortgage. However, revamping your home decor doesn't have to cost you a bundle. All it takes is creative thinking—colours, placement, and the mood you want to set. You'll be surprised how small changes can add flavour to your lifestyle without spending a lot of money.

How to Keep Your Houseplants Happy and Disease Free

Houseplants are a wonderful way to bring a hint of nature indoors. The most aggravating discovery for you is to find out that your plant’s leaves are full of holes when just a few days before they seemed perfectly healthy. The culprits of these ravages are plants, insects, or pests.

How to Avoid Defaulting on Your Mortgage Payments

Some homeowners may stumble upon financial hardships that make it difficult for them to pay their mortgage payments. Once your mortgage loan defaults, the chance of foreclosure increases.

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