March 2018

Market Watch - Canadian Real Estate Is Moving Towards Buyers’ Market

Rising interest rates and stricter mortgage requirements have reduced home buyers’ purchasing power, particularly for those at the entry level of our Canadian market. The supply of apartment and townhome properties for sale today is unable to meet demand. On the other hand, the detached home market is beginning to enter buyers’ market territory.

Six Credit Habits That Can Boost Your Score

Your credit score is essentially your passport to financial opportunities. With a possible range of 300 to 900, your score tells lenders what kind of a risk you are likely to be as a borrower. A low credit score can prevent you from getting the lowest mortgage rate, or even from getting a mortgage at all. But here’s the thing, this important factor in your mortgage negotiation is entirely within your control.

10 Most Valuable Things to Plant in Your Garden This Spring

The early spring can make for a good time to jumpstart your spring garden, especially for plants that can withstand lingering shots of cold air. Cold-hardy plants can handle a few touches of frost, and you can start the seeds either indoors or outdoors, depending on where you live.

Tips for Successful Home Staging

Home Staging is a proven system for preparing properties for sale. Your aim is to present your home in the best possible light to win the hearts of prospective buyers. With Staging, the focus is shifted from the furnishings to the home itself, the views, the space and the unique features of the property.

Setting up a Home Office on a Small Budget

Working from home is becoming a popular option for many people. Whether you telecommute or have abandoned the rat race in favour of setting up your own home business, a home office has become an essential space in many homes.

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