September 2017

Canadian Real Estate Moving Towards a Balanced Market.

11-09-2017 System Administrator September 2017 3 Comments

The relationship between sales and listings in the marketplace today suggests a balanced market. If current conditions are sustained over the coming months, we would expect to see year-over-year price growth normalize slightly above the rate of infla...

Cases Where Debt is Good?

05-09-2017 System Administrator September 2017 5 Comments

Being debt free is the ultimate financial goal for most people. There are many articles advising us how to get out of debt, that we may automatically assume that debt is a bad thing. However, not all borrowing is bad.

15 Tips for Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

05-09-2017 System Administrator September 2017 3 Comments

Finding a qualified contractor for your home remodeling project can be daunting and confusing but it's not a difficult task. You can easily search the web or look in the yellow pages and find many home remodeling contractors listed in your area.

Which Type of Home to Purchase?

05-09-2017 System Administrator September 2017 5 Comments

Deciding on what type of home to purchase can be confusing. With an endless supply of different types of homes available for purchase –from condos to townhouses to fully-detached homes. The type of home you buy will depend on your lifestyle and budg...

How to Prevent Bugs In Your Houseplants

07-08-2017 System Administrator September 2017 491 Comments

Houseplants can add color and beauty to your home and are relatively low-maintenance comparing to outdoor gardening, which make them ideal for apartment dwellers. However, you still need to care for them by preventing insects and disease from destro...

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