Seven Tips to Reduce the Stress of Moving

Moving can be a very stressful time for many of us. A move carried out in haste can bring about several unnecessary problems. However, there are many ways to reduce the stress of moving allowing you to actually enjoy the experience. Here are a few tips to help plan for your move.

1.Get organized
Much of the stress people feel during a move comes from not knowing what or when things need to be done. Make a list of all the tasks you need to do, and assign dates for each task, allowing yourself enough days to complete every item on your list.

2.Reduce your load
Get rid of household items that you no longer need. Hold a garage sale and leave books with friends, the local library or sell them to a used bookstore. Anything you can't sell, give to a local charity.

3.Name the boxes
Label each box with the name of the corresponding room. You can write directly on the box or to make it even easier, print out large computer labels and stick them on the boxes.
Do not put everything together in one room, which would make finding items very difficult. If you have special items such as art, antiques, wine collections, equipment, make sure you have special packing materials for these items.

4.Confirm the dates
Confirm the move date with your moving company. Give them clear directions to your new home and make sure they put your belongings in the correct rooms as per the box labels.
If there are parking or access restrictions to your new home, arrange for the required permission in advance.

Make arrangements for the gas and electric utilities, telephone and cable to be turned off at your old home and to be connected to your new home on or before your moving day.
This is also a good time to do some online research on your new community. Make notes about restaurants and other places in the area.

5.Keep children busy
Try to keep children occupied by having colouring books or other toys readily available to fill children's time while the movers are bringing items into the home. Older children may enjoy the excitement of moving and can help both during the planning, movement or unloading itself.

6.At your new home
Begin by opening boxes that you will need first, such as ones that contain necessities like paper towels, trash bags, and light bulbs. Take care of the bathroom and bedrooms first, and then move on to the kitchen and other living spaces. Keep a trash bag in every room, so packing materials can be discarded as you go.

7.Take it easy
Even if you're the most organized mover, things may go wrong. You need to be flexible and allow yourself some extra breathing room to deal with these problems as they arise.

Return to your task list and timeline and work in some extra days if you can. Allowing for some wiggle room will ensure that you can adjust and feel calm even when chaos abounds.

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