5 Tips For a Stress-Free and Enjoyable Holiday Season

The holiday season is hurtling towards us and if you aren’t prepared then you could miss out on the most critical time of year.

It is not easy to outsmart the season’s stressors: busted budgets, ditched diets, tiresome travel, high-pressure parties, and visiting in-laws. There’s nothing we can do about the last one, so let’s focus on planning like a pro for the smoothest, most enjoyable season yet. 

1. Create a budget
The holidays always end up being more expensive than we expect, to avoid this you need to take a more proactive approach by creating a budget. Break down your budget by categories such as charitable giving, decor, and entertainment. Set a projected amount for each category. This will help you hit everything on your list without being surprised when the holiday bills start rolling in.

2. Make a to-do list 
Lists help you be more intentional. Every holiday season there are certain traditions you want to uphold, places to visit and activities you want to complete. So a to-do list helps you keep track of it all!

You need to break down your list into different activities such as acts of kindness, outdoor excursions, crafts and learning, food fun, trips to take, etc.  Write down a few things you would like to do for each activity. Once you’ve decided on the most important items, You can block off time on the calendar to complete them.

3. Take some of the gift shopping online
Stores are most packed in the holiday season. Crowded aisles and long queues can really get the best of us, so let’s take the gift shopping online. Instead of burning your feet out going from store to store, stay home and just click away.

4. Make a decor plan
Decorating for Christmas can be overwhelming, but often is the most enjoyable part of the holidays. Start by making a plan for each room ahead of time. 

Before you set out to purchase brand new Christmas décors, drop by your storage and rummage for some accents and ornaments from last year’s holidays. Write down each item you want to use to decorate and make a “wish list” of any items that you need to purchase to add to your decor.

5. Plan for the unexpected
Make sure your guest room is ready for an unexpected visitor: clear the clutter, launder the sheets, set up a guest toiletries kit, keep a fully stocked fridge and pantry.

It’s too easy to get caught up in overlapping holiday commitments. A way around that is to plan gaps in your schedule for the unplanned. 

The holiday season may require quite a lot of work and get you all stressed out, but with a proper plan, you can notch it. Christmas, after all, is all about having a wonderful time with our loved ones.


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